1st RMB Roundtable Conference

Highlighting RMB Internationalisation, China Strategies, Policy Developments and the Role of Frankfurt
CEINEX and Frankfurt Main Finance host first joint RMB Roundtable Conference in Frankfurt

On 25. October 2017, China Europe International Exchange AG (CEINEX) and Frankfurt Main Finance jointly hosted the 1st RMB Roundtable Conference at CEINEX.


Capturing the essence of the 1st RMB Roundtable Conference, China’s initiatives and strategies for global sustainable development and inclusive growth with respect to RMB internationalisation, promoting Renminbi as a global currency and, moreover, the “Belt & Road Initiative”, which presents tremendous opportunities for cooperation between Asia and Europe, were among important topics discussed throughout the conference.


CEINEX, as a dedicated platform for RMB-denominated and China-related investment products, aims to provide more than just a marketplace, but a platform for cooperation across all industries, people-to-people exchange as well as providing a deeper understanding of China, its markets and how Germany – and in particular the financial centre Frankfurt – can benefit from the inclusive economic growth strategies of China.


The 1st RMB Roundtable welcomed over 40 experts from the financial industry, legal consultants, as well as regulators from China, in order to discuss the Brexit and its consequences for Frankfurt and RMB internationalisation localisation in Europe, China’s development strategies, Frankfurt and the New Silk Road, as well as harvesting the people-to-people exchange with market experts from Shanghai Financial Centre.


The 1st RMB Roundtable was concluded by our networking event – the CEINEX Tower Talk. During the CEINEX Tower Talk, the spotlight was moved from the high-level financial dialogue to the exhibits of Chinese arts collected by our presenter, namely Thorsten Giehler (Head of Strategy and Policy, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH) as well as Dr. CHEN Han, Co-CEO CEINEX, and Dr. ZHU Junjun, Director Product Development. Today, it is necessary to stay curious, engaged and eager to understand the cultural differences and to actively seek opportunities to cooperate with one another. Only thereby we can bridge markets not only in trade of goods and culture, but also within the capital market, in order to unlock the full potential of the relations between China and Germany.


We were honored. It was our pleasure to host the 1st RMB Roundtable together with Frankfurt Main Finance and we would like to thank everyone for their participation, insights and continuous engagement in cooperation between China and Germany.

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