Rules & Regulations

European Regulation for CEINEX Products


One of CEINEX’s core strengths is that the venue is an efficient and well-regulated marketplace of the highest global standards. Our goal is to provide issuers and investors with the assurance they need to make the most of the unique opportunities CEINEX brings to the market.


CEINEX utilises Deutsche Börse Group’s leading market infrastructure. Therefore, issuing and trading procedures are identical to those of Deutsche Börse Group. For the rules and regulations that maintain fair and orderly trading of CEINEX products and conditions for admission and inclusion to trading on the market, please see the rules and regulations for the FWB.


For more information please also visit the Xetra Newsroom for Xetra circulars and Open Market circulars, the FWB announcements (German only) and the Xetra Newsboard.